How Aging Life Care Tackles the Myths of Aging

“Aging is an opportunity,” says LifeCare Advocates’ CEO, Kate Granigan (pictured at right). It’s probably safe to say that most people haven’t thought of aging in that way, but Kate has become a leader in the field. After more than 30 years of planning care for older adults and building a successful care management company,... Read More

What You Need to Know About Long-Term Care Insurance

When it comes to planning for aging well, the cost of long-term care is a big unknown. No matter how well you’ve planned financially for your senior years, the need for long-term care—at home or in a group setting—can devastate your retirement lifestyle and any legacy you hope to leave your family. That’s why many... Read More

LifeCare Advocates Now Offers a Wearable Monitoring Device

Wearable technology is a fast-growing market for older adults and their families. And with good reason: Wearables can track numerous aspects of the wearer’s health and activities, giving both users and families real-time info. Now, LifeCare Advocates offers the PacSana system to its clients. PacSana is a new remote monitoring wearable technology that measures movement... Read More

Don’t Delay Advance Care Planning

We tend to plan for important parts of life: education, career, marriage, homeownership, and retirement. We even plan for the not-so-important, like bringing an umbrella along when it might rain. But what most of us forget to do—or avoid doing—is plan for any decisions that may be needed as we near the end of our... Read More

The Role of Social Workers in Care Management

Every March is Social Work Month, a time to recognize the work and contributions of these professionals. Many of our Life Care Managers here at LifeCare Advocates are social workers. That can be a surprise to some people, because social workers are traditionally thought of as people who help only the disadvantaged. But the background... Read More

Celebrating 30 Years of Transforming the Experience of Aging

In 1993, families who were looking for ways to help their older loved ones continue living at home had few resources. In fact, the phrase “aging in place,” which most adults now say they want to do, was barely known outside of academic circles. But a few companies, including LifeCare Advocates, were helping consumers understand... Read More

Staying Independent at Home

We know that most people want to stay in their own homes as they get older. But what happens when an older adult begins to have trouble maintaining their home or themselves? For older adults who want to stay in their home as long as possible, care managers can play a crucial role in ensuring... Read More

How Families Can Help Ease a Grandparent’s Loneliness

Most of us take social connectedness for granted. We regularly interact with neighbors, friends, co-workers, and many others, whether online or in person. Social connectedness is important, and it’s considered crucial for older adults. It can help reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation, improve mental and physical health, and increase overall well-being. Studies have shown... Read More

When You Have a Care Manager, You Have an Advocate

The word “advocates” is part of our company name for a very important reason. Aging brings with it a lot of changes and decisions, in everything from healthcare to ensuring one’s home is safe for aging in place. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a trusted advisor who can answer your questions, help find services... Read More

Coping With Loss During the Holidays

Did you experience the loss of an older loved one this year? Grieving a loss is always difficult, but it is almost always harder during the winter holidays. It’s hard for those left behind—especially spouses—not to dwell on memories of the loved one from holidays past. And that is absolutely natural. The loss of a... Read More