Top Tech Solutions for Seniors Living Independently

Technology is a big part of everyday life for most of us. Today, older adults can choose from any number of tech tools and devices to help them stay safe and independent at home. They are designed for seniors with different levels of comfort with technology, helping them keep in touch with family and handle... Read More

How Life Care Managers Help Clients Manage Life Transitions

Our Life Care Managers play a pivotal role in helping clients (and their families) through various transitions that come with aging. In fact, some of our clients have called our services a “lifeline” for families. We regularly help our clients manage the changes that come with life events such as: Adapting to a new medical... Read More

Celebrating Pride and Supporting LGBTQ+ Elders

Pride month is a poignant reminder of the resilience and courage demonstrated by LGBTQ+ people. We especially honor the seniors among them—the “Stonewall generation”: pioneers who paved the way for justice and equity, challenging societal norms and fighting for recognition throughout their lives. At LifeCare Advocates, we are committed to honoring their legacy by ensuring... Read More

Mental Health for Older Adults: Where to Start

Mental health is an essential aspect of overall well-being, yet many older adults struggle with loneliness, isolation, and other related challenges. The most recent “State of Mental Health in America” report (2023) reveals the depth of these issues, showing a significant rise in loneliness, substance misuse, and suicidal thoughts among seniors. May is Mental Health... Read More

CM 101: When to Call Your Care Manager

Navigating the journey of aging comes with many challenges and decisions. From new health diagnoses to changes in living arrangements, each step requires careful consideration and support. That’s where care managers, like those at LifeCare Advocates, step in to help. These specialized professionals, who are members of the Aging Life Care Association, are dedicated to... Read More

Know the Early Signs of Parkinson’s Disease

Medical research is getting us closer to solving the riddles of uncurable diseases. Although a cure cannot come soon enough for those who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, cancer, or Parkinson’s disease, progress is encouraging. Advances in early detection of a disease, which can save so many more lives than treatment, are the most heartening.... Read More

Don’t Delay Advance Care Planning

Every April, in honor of National Healthcare Decisions Day, we encourage clients and their families to take care of their advance care planning if they haven’t already. Putting in some time now will ensure you get the care you want when the time comes for it, and that you don’t leave it to your family... Read More

Social Work + Clinical Expertise = Holistic Care

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare and senior care, LifeCare Advocates is a leader in innovative and compassionate service. At its core, our team is driven by a mission to empower aging individuals to thrive in their chosen living environments, whether that’s in the comfort of their own homes or in senior residences. What sets... Read More

Scam Alert! 3 to Watch Out For, and What to Do

The online world offers incredible opportunities to chat with our loved ones, find relevant facts and information, and watch our favorite show when we have time. But with that ease come serious risks, particularly for seniors. In 2022, people aged 60 and over lost $3.1 billion to online fraud. Scams targeting older adults are on... Read More

How Hearing Health Shapes Your Brain

In the journey of aging optimally, few things are as crucial as maintaining clear thinking and sharp cognition. But did you know that your hearing health plays a significant role in keeping your mind in top shape as you grow older? Hearing and brain function are intertwined, and taking care of your hearing isn’t just... Read More