Don’t Delay Advance Care Planning

Every April, in honor of National Healthcare Decisions Day, we encourage clients and their families to take care of their advance care planning if they haven’t already. Putting in some time now will ensure you get the care you want when the time comes for it, and that you don’t leave it to your family... Read More

Social Work + Clinical Expertise = Holistic Care

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare and senior care, LifeCare Advocates is a leader in innovative and compassionate service. At its core, our team is driven by a mission to empower aging individuals to thrive in their chosen living environments, whether that’s in the comfort of their own homes or in senior residences. What sets... Read More

Scam Alert! 3 to Watch Out For, and What to Do

The online world offers incredible opportunities to chat with our loved ones, find relevant facts and information, and watch our favorite show when we have time. But with that ease come serious risks, particularly for seniors. In 2022, people aged 60 and over lost $3.1 billion to online fraud. Scams targeting older adults are on... Read More

How Hearing Health Shapes Your Brain

In the journey of aging optimally, few things are as crucial as maintaining clear thinking and sharp cognition. But did you know that your hearing health plays a significant role in keeping your mind in top shape as you grow older? Hearing and brain function are intertwined, and taking care of your hearing isn’t just... Read More

Long-Term Care Insurance: How Life Care Managers Can Help

Most people hope to continue aging in their own homes, but long-term care (LTC) insurance policies can provide financial security and peace of mind for seniors and their families in the event they need extended care services. However, navigating the complex world of long-term care insurance policies, understanding their coverage, and recognizing benefit triggers can... Read More

Empowerment is the New Face of Aging

We’ve celebrated a couple milestones at LifeCare Advocates in the last year or so. In 2023 we celebrated 30 years of helping our clients age well and in their own homes for as long as possible. And this year, our CEO, Kate Granigan, is serving as the president of the Aging Life Care Association (ALCA),... Read More

Looking Ahead to an Exciting Year

What’s ahead for you in the new year? Health, wellbeing, and the love of family and friends are what we wish for you. At LifeCare Advocates, we go to work every day with the goals of promoting dignity and independence for our clients, as well as peace of mind for their family members. We’d like... Read More

Understanding Fatigue in Older Adults

Fatigue is a common yet often overlooked issue in older adults, significantly impacting their quality of life. Unlike the usual tiredness that we all experience from time to time, fatigue in the elderly is a more debilitating form of exhaustion. It can interfere with their daily activities and overall well-being. “Fatigue is an alarm signal... Read More

The Surprising Psychological Benefits of Volunteering

If you’ve ever volunteered, you’ve probably experienced that feeling of satisfaction and happiness that comes with giving your time, experience, or talent to help others.  If you’ve never volunteered, you’re missing out on some amazing psychological benefits. And there is plenty of research that supports the mental health benefits of volunteering. Those include increased functioning,... Read More

Announcing Our New Caregiver Support Group

Family caregivers are the backbone of day-to-day care for many loved ones, yet their role often comes with significant personal challenges. Understanding and supporting these caregivers is crucial. They not only provide essential care but also need to maintain their own well-being. To address this, we’re excited to introduce our new Caregiver Support Group. This... Read More