Portrait of an elderly couple at home.

Benefits of Care Management

A Life Care Manager, also known as a Geriatric Care Manager, is a health care professional who provides a thorough assessment of an elder’s diverse needs and assists families in developing a comprehensive and manageable plan of care.

Life Care Managers have extensive knowledge of the medical, psychological, cognitive, social, and physical challenges of aging and can identify and help access available public and private resources. Families can rely on a Life Care Manager to help navigate complex systems and identify resources while providing support and advocacy. Life Care Managers have specialized expertise to implement an appropriate care plan that balances the elder’s needs, values, and wishes with what is both realistic and possible.

Life Care Managers understand that every elder and family is unique and that there are no “cookie cutter” solutions. They:

  • Create and carry out individualized plans of care
  • Maximize available public benefits
  • Avoid duplication of services
  • Minimize out-of-pocket costs
  • Help to prevent unnecessary hospitalizations
  • Answer questions and alleviate anxiety
  • Maximize the elder’s independence and autonomy

At LifeCare Advocates, we:


Mental and physical functioning through in-home assessments


home care and home health services


in selecting care and housing options


legal and financial needs and refer to appropriate specialists


care of clients under guardianship


for clients and long-distance caregivers


in times of crisis