Private Physical Therapy Program

Life Care Advocates now has a Licensed Physical Therapist on their staff of Life Care Managers to offer a more comprehensive and cohesive service model for our clients who are interested in improving or maintaining their level of mobility and safety. Many of our clients engage the services of LCA as a result of a fall or hospitalization that may require adjustments to their living environment or additional supports in order to remain or return home safely. In conjunction with our Care Management Services, this addition will assist our clients in reaching their goals and best possible outcomes with the expertise of a trained professional working closely with the entire team. LCA will also provide consultation to those interested in preventative measures and training associated with chronic conditions or not at all related to specific medical issues or diagnosis.

Private Physical Therapy Programs to include but not limited to:

  • Home safety assessment with recommendations for adaptations, equipment, renovations to decrease fall risk and increase safe mobility
  • Recommendations for home safety modification along with implementation of plan
  • Physical Therapy evaluation due to decline in overall mobility or increase in fall risk with development of action plan. Also to prevent/slow any decline to remain safe in current environment
  • Training of caregivers in safe mobility and exercise programs
  • Recommendations for and implementation of ongoing exercise/ fitness programs after discharge from Visiting Nurse Association
  • Fall prevention education for client and caregivers including strengthening and balance activities
  • Evaluation and instruction in correct assistive device, purchasing and safe usage
  • Coordination within hospital, rehab and homecare professionals to ensure highest level of safety and mobility for home discharge