Virtual Consultations

In these uncertain and challenging times, caring for our loved ones while balancing other life responsibilities can seem like a daunting and sometimes overwhelming task. LifeCare Advocates believes that having access to reliable and useful information in a timely manner can help alleviate those concerns.

Although our traditional care management services are anchored on building an intimate, holistic relationship with our clients to allow for a comprehensive plan and support, we realize that in our current environment, this is not always possible. We also realize that during this crisis unique situations may arise that need specific solutions in a time sensitive manner. To that end, we are pleased to offer a service that is solution-focused and allows our team to offer you this individualized guidance.

While we continue to find creative ways to provide our full assessments, we will also be offering a virtual consultation service designed to address specific elder care needs or concerns. These consultations will be led by our skilled and experienced staff and are available as an opportunity to discuss specific situations that are unique to you during this unprecedented time.

Examples of questions that have come up for our clients:

  • How do I return to work while my aging loved one remains at home?
  • What do I need to consider in planning for myself or my loved one in light of what we have learned from the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • When should I bring my loved one to the doctor?
  • How do I set my loved one up with virtual engagement?
  • How do I engage home care workers to assist my loved one at home, while ensuring my loved one’s safety?
  • How to do I advocate for my loved one who is in an assisted living facility or nursing home?

Our skilled team is available to problem solve with you on these types of questions and others, as we begin our nation’s slow journey of recovery and reopening.

If you would like to learn more about this or any of our other services that we provide, please contact our office at 617-928-0200 or via email.  We look forward to discussing how we may be of assistance to you and your family.