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Aging Well

Planning for the Future: Aging Well Consultation™

We are pleased to see a growing trend of younger adults seeking advice on how to plan for successful aging. At LifeCare Advocates, we believe that the most successful strategy for remaining independent and aging in place is to plan ahead! We offer consultation services that will guide you on the path to “aging well” and help you to feel empowered about your healthcare and life choices.

Many of our clients are concerned about how they can plan for future care needs and discovering the various options for remaining as independent as possible as they age. Our Aging Well Consultation includes an in-person meeting with one of our senior staff members and will be tailored to one or more specific areas listed below:

Planning for the Future: Care and Costs

  • What are my options for remaining at home as I age?
  • What do services cost? Should I be purchasing long-term care insurance?
  • How do I access care at home and what do home care services cost?
  • Will Medicare or other insurance plans cover any of the costs of care at home?
  • What tools can I use to organize all my financial and personal documents, so they are available in a crisis?
  • What are the financial/legal strategies commonly used to plan ahead and protect assets?

Planning for the Future: Living Options

  • Should I consider downsizing and moving to a more “accessible” environment?
  • What are the costs of care at home vs. moving to a retirement community?
  • If I ever had to leave my home, what are the options for senior living?
  • What are the differences between continuing care retirement communities, independent living, and assisted living?
  • What should I consider when thinking about relocating to be closer to my children?

Planning for the Future: Healthcare Wishes

  • What are my own values, desires, and preferences regarding aging and end of life?
  • What are my concerns about my health or future health care?
  • Who are the people most important to me that I would want to be involved in the event of illness or end of life? Who should be my health care proxy?
  • What are my preferences about being cared for at home vs. another location?
  • How do I talk to my children about difficult topics such as death and dying and end of life wishes?


Care Committee™ Program

Are you concerned about who will make health care decisions for you as you age? Are you single, don’t have children, or worry about burdening your family members with the task of being your health care proxy or decision maker?

The Care Committee Program, developed by Pabian & Russell, LLC and LifeCare Advocates, provides a unique solution to these concerns. The Care Committee Program offers a supportive structure that allows our clients to have a “team approach” in making difficult health care decisions and reducing stress and concerns about the future.

Your Care Committee Team will work together to support you in “aging well.” The Care Committee typically includes friends/family members and an identified professional – a Life Care Manager with the expertise to guide your team, to help make important decisions and to be the central point person now and for future health care decisions.

This unique program will help to reduce stress and allow you to feel empowered and well-informed about the choices you make as you age.

Employee Support Program

The Employee Support Program developed by LifeCare Advocates is designed to assist caregivers who are trying to balance their work responsibilities and the care of an elder loved one. The burden of caregiving affects an individual’s ability to manage their job requirements, leads to increased absenteeism, and often results in their own health problems, among other challenges.

Offering resource assistance, support, and guidance by a Life Care Manager with aging expertise can help employees get what they need efficiently and allow them to return to work with peace of mind.

As part of our Employee Support Program, we are happy to provide:

  • “Lunch and Learn” presentations on a topic related to caregiving and eldercare, or proactive planning
  • An informational session to HR and employees regarding Life Care Management as a resource for employees
  • Ongoing consultation with employees regarding elder care issues