Multi-ethnic senior women taking an art class

Additional Services

As life care managers, our expertise in aging and senior care can support your family in many special situations. We offer expertise in the following areas.

In-Office Consultation/Relocation Services

We provide in-office consultation to family members who need the advice, and for whom an in-person assessment is not feasible. This is a particularly useful service for families looking to relocate their loved ones to the greater Boston area from another part of the country (or world!). We also provide in-office consultations for families who may disagree about care options and need a safe space to discuss and resolve differences.

Health Care Advocacy

We provide advocacy services for our clients in hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living communities. If you are not satisfied with the services your loved one is receiving in a facility, we can provide an objective assessment and advocacy with staff to resolve care issues.

Long-Term Care Insurance Review

Many of our clients purchase long-term care insurance but do not understand their benefits or how to activate their policies. We can provide a thorough review of a long-term care insurance policy to help you determine coverage, exclusions, and how to access your benefits. We also provide advocacy services for clients who are being screened by long-term care insurance companies.

Creativity Coaching

We have a dedicated staff member who provides art coaching sessions to our clients. The use of expressive modalities such as art, music, and dance are known to utilize parts of the brain different from reason, thought, and language and do not require memory.

This service is ideal for clients with cognitive impairment, anxiety, depression, or who simply have interest in expanding their experiences. We have seen dramatic changes in outlook and mood in many of our coaching clients, even those with no previous art experience.