How Life Care Managers Help Clients Manage Life Transitions

Shot of a senior woman using a laptop during a meeting with a consultant at home

Our Life Care Managers play a pivotal role in helping clients (and their families) through various transitions that come with aging. In fact, some of our clients have called our services a “lifeline” for families. We regularly help our clients manage the changes that come with life events such as:

  • Adapting to a new medical diagnosis.
  • Handling emergency health situations.
  • Adjusting the level of in-home care they need.
  • Moving to a senior residence or nursing home.

Here’s how we work with seniors and their families through these transitions. It’s important to note that when we help our clients review their options (for everything from their senior living options to hiring home care and movers), we do not receive any financial or other consideration from those businesses. We are strictly there to help seniors make the best decisions for their individual needs.

Managing new medical diagnoses and caregivers

Receiving a new medical diagnosis can be a significant turning point one’s life. Life Care Managers are instrumental in helping manage the many tasks that come with such news. We can provide education about the condition, recommend specialists to consider, coordinate medical appointments, and advocate for the senior during doctor visits. Additionally, as new medications and treatments are prescribed, care managers ensure that the client follows the doctor’s care plan and monitor any side effects. We also help clients research, hire and manage caregivers as needed.

Responding to emergencies

Emergencies, such as falls or sudden illnesses, require quick and efficient responses, and here too, Life Care Managers are invaluable. We can facilitate emergency medical care, accompany the senior to the ER, and communicate with healthcare providers to ensure that the senior receives appropriate treatment. Following an emergency, care managers also play a crucial role in coordinating follow-up care and adjusting caregiving arrangements to prevent future incidents.

Managing in-home support

As many seniors age, their needs increase and they decide to hire in-home care. Life Care Managers help them figure out what kind of help they need—housekeeping, running errands, or cooking, for example. We can help them vet different services and, once they’ve hired someone, make the arrangements with the agency or even coordinate more than one service provider. We stay attuned to the senior’s needs and budget, and we work to create a safe and supportive home environment that promotes the senior’s independence and well-being.

Navigating housing transitions

One of the most challenging transitions for seniors is the move from their long-term home to a senior living community, a nursing facility, or other senior residence. If and when this time comes, Life Care Managers help seniors and their families evaluate their needs and preferences, understand the different housing options available, and help them make informed decisions based on their needs and budget. We even coordinate facility tours, help manage the downsizing and moving process, and help the senior adjust to their new living environment. We know this is usually an emotional and stressful transition, and our aim is to provide a calm and reassuring presence. We can even continue working with the senior in their new home—even, for example, in an assisted living residence or a nursing home.

Comfort for the entire family

If you have been a family caregiver, you know how much work it entails. When the older adult wants to age in place for as long as possible, our work provides peace of mind for the entire family. This is especially so for seniors who don’t have close family living nearby to manage some of these tasks. We are the “boots on the ground” ensuring their loved one is safe and well cared for, and communicating with family members or other people such as healthcare proxies. For the seniors themselves, our presence can alleviate feelings of isolation and anxiety, making them feel more secure and understood.

Please reach out if you would like to know more about our services and our Life Care Managers.