Flourish Logo Research shows that opportunities for engagement and belonging is critical to aging well. And not just to survive, but to Thrive and Flourish. It can help with cognitive process, improved mental health, reduction of stress, and feelings of value and belonging. It can also improve one’s outlook towards aging! We know that people with a positive outlook towards aging live 15% longer. This is why LCA developed the Flourish Program

Our signature Flourish Program is rooted in engagement. Flourish clients receive an Individualized Enrichment Plan outlining a range of potential activities to explore during our time together. The goal is to build social, emotional, and cognitive connections through enrichment activities that are fluid and meet clients where they are. We strive to identify an array of established interests while leaving room for unexpected joys and interests that can pop up along the way. Flexibility is a key component of the program with an emphasis on building connections and focusing on what if joyful instead of what has changed.

  • Flourish is an engagement and enrichment program for older adults living in any setting
  • An Individualized Enrichment Plan is developed by our Concierge
  • Regular visits will be arranged to implement enrichment plan
  • Examples include: Rendever Virtual Reality programs, connection with family at a distance, meaningful activities, museum tours, music, art, reminiscing
  • Help with errands and appointments, and assistance staying connected in your community with the support of our Concierge is also available

To learn more please call us at 617-928-0200