PacSana’s New Sleep-Related Feature Enhances Independent Living

Senior man asleep in his bed.

Innovative products continue to transform the way we care for ourselves and our loved ones, especially when it comes to the aging population. Earlier this year, LifeCare Advocates began offering PacSana, a remote monitoring wearable technology, to its clients. Now, PacSana has taken a significant step forward by introducing a new sleep-related feature. This addition not only enhances the well-being of older adults, but also empowers caregivers to provide more effective support.

The importance of sleep and recovery

Sleep is often referred to as the brain’s housekeeper, playing a vital role in maintaining mental strength and overall health. It serves as a natural mechanism for removing metabolic waste, essential for cognitive function and emotional well-being. On the flip side, inadequate sleep can lead to short-term cognitive impairment and long-term decline in mental and physical health. For older adults, quality sleep can significantly improve their ability to perform daily activities, reduce the risk of falls, and minimize the likelihood of hospitalization.

Addressing the sleep challenge

Statistics show that approximately 50% of older adults experience poor sleep, which can be attributed to various factors such as depression, anxiety, heart disease, diabetes, pain, and even medication side effects. Recognizing the impact of sleep on well-being, PacSana has taken a proactive approach to address this challenge.

PacSana’s new sleep measurement feature

PacSana’s latest feature, which focuses on sleep measurement, is designed to provide valuable insights into an individual’s sleep patterns. Just like the gait speed and active minutes insights, this new addition serves as an early warning system, alerting caregivers and individuals to potential issues with sleep quality.

How it works

PacSana’s sleep measurement feature tracks and analyzes an individual’s sleep patterns and duration. By continuously monitoring sleep, it can detect deviations from a regular sleep routine. Any significant changes, whether it’s difficulty falling asleep, frequent awakenings, or inadequate sleep duration, are flagged as potential concerns.

Empowering caregivers and promoting independent living

The introduction of this sleep-related feature has profound implications for both seniors and caregivers:

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1. Early intervention: PacSana’s sleep measurement feature enables caregivers to identify sleep-related issues promptly. Whether it’s addressing pain management, adjusting medications, or implementing lifestyle changes, early intervention can prevent the escalation of sleep problems.

2. Optimized care: For seniors living in care facilities, caregivers can allocate their resources more efficiently by knowing which clients are sleeping well and which may require extra attention. Night staff can focus on those who are still active during the night, potentially preventing emergencies and reducing the need for hospitalization.

3. Promoting independence: For seniors, maintaining a healthy sleep pattern can contribute to a more independent lifestyle. With the insights provided by PacSana, individuals can make informed decisions about their daily routines, exercise habits, and sleep hygiene to improve their overall well-being.

By addressing the crucial aspect of sleep and recovery, PacSana’s new feature not only enhances the quality of life for older adults no matter where they live. As we continue to embrace innovative solutions like PacSana, we move closer to a future where aging is not a barrier to living life to the fullest, with the support and insights we need at our fingertips.

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