Celebrating 30 Years of Transforming the Experience of Aging

Diverse group of seniors smiling together with arms around each other

In 1993, families who were looking for ways to help their older loved ones continue living at home had few resources. In fact, the phrase “aging in place,” which most adults now say they want to do, was barely known outside of academic circles. But a few companies, including LifeCare Advocates, were helping consumers understand that they could age well in their own homes.

Today, not only are professionals like us at LifeCare Advocates assisting clients nationwide, so are many other businesses, such as elder care lawyers, home safety and modification companies, aging technology firms, and more. Together, we have transformed the experience of aging from something that happens “to” us to something we can plan for and enjoy, rather than fear.

In the early days, our work was often focused on reactive assistance after a mishap or sudden illness for the older adult. We continue to help people who are struggling with a new diagnosis, or are in a crisis, by navigating the complex systems and giving the family support. But with today’s focus on aging well, we are helping more people plan and be proactive. As always, we also help people relocate when aging in place isn’t an option or their choice.

Helping clients find all the resources available and making the best choices for aging well is what inspired the original name of our company: Elder Resources. It was started here in Newton, Mass., in 1993 by Emily Saltz, MSW, a local and national leader in the rising field of care management. Emily’s vision was to provide advice and assistance to families struggling with elder care issues.

At the same time, the organization that ultimately became the Aging Life Care Association (ALCA) was growing rapidly. Emily served as president of ALCA in 2014 and was an active member of its board for several years.

Looking to secure the future of her growing company, Emily partnered with another care management firm, LifeCare Advocates. She then brought in Kate Granigan, LICSW, C-ASWCM, who’d been running her own care management firm, as the new CEO of LifeCare Advocates. Kate, too, has been very involved in ALCA through her 25-year career, both in the New England chapter and at the national level. In 2024 she will serve as the association’s president.

Since Kate started as the CEO, LifeCare Advocates has grown to a team of 19 professionals, serving clients and their families throughout Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. Besides a team of social workers, physical and occupational therapists, and registered nurses, LifeCare Advocates offers private psychotherapy.

“Our team continues to grow right along with the concept of aging in place,” notes Kate. “Today, more and more people understand that they can enjoy more years of healthy, fulfilling life in their own homes than ever before. We’re here to empower each client—and their families—to make a plan that suits their needs.” 

We’re honored to have touched countless lives over the last 30 years, and we look forward to helping many more people age well!

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