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Founded in 1993 by Emily B. Saltz, LICSW, LifeCare Advocates is recognized on a local and national level as a leader in elder care. If you are a family member who is coping with the stresses of caring for an elder relative, we can help! Our experienced staff of Geriatric Care Managers offers highly personalized services, acting as an essential link between our clients and the services they need. Whether you are a family member caring for an elder relative, or a professional considering the appropriate resources for your clients, LifeCare Advocates offers guidance you can count on.

Knowledgeable Staff

Emily Saltz and her staff of Geriatric Care Managers bring their time-tested methods of comprehensive evaluation and care planning to our clients. We have over 20 years of experience in guiding families and elders to the services and resources they need. Our staff has expertise in the chronic illnesses that affect elders including Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, mental illness, and physical disabilities. We take a strong position in advocating for the rights and well-being of our clients.

Quality Options

We have an in-depth understanding of the long term care system, and can guide our clients to the highest quality resources such as home care services, assisted living facilities, rehabilitation facilities, and nursing homes. We have a network of financial planners, elder law attorneys, and other professionals we rely on for their special expertise. Our Geriatric Care Managers understand the complex family dynamics that arise when caring for an elder relative and can help families sort through difficult issues.

Practical Solutions

LifeCare Advocates promotes dignity and independence for elders while providing peace of mind for family members. Families are often unprepared for the challenges of elder care, and are faced with decisions that seem difficult or overwhelming. We understand these challenges, and guide our families to solutions with knowledge and compassion. We pride ourselves on being excellent problem solvers, providing practical solutions and guidance to our families every step of the way.


The photos used throughout this website are authentic images of our clients and our geriatric care managers.
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Elder Resources is now LifeCare Advocates

In May of 2014, Elder Resources joined forces with LifeCare Advocates, an emerging organization in the field of elder care associated with the Boston Law firm of Pabian & Russell. In addition to the 20+ years of experience we have in guiding families and elders to the services and resources they need, this exciting merger will allow us to offer our clients an enhanced and innovative care management model with quick access to legal expertise when needed. Learn more about this strategic merger by clicking HERE.

Upcoming Events

September 16th, 2015

Emily Saltz will present with Amy Winning on Tribute Home Care “It’s Lovely But I’m Just Not Ready for Senior Living: Strategies For Families to Overcome Reluctance to Change” at Brightview Concord River, Billerica, MA

September 25th, 2015

Emily Saltz will present on “Elder and Adult Family ADR” at the 7th Annual New England Adult Dispute Resolution and the Law Conference at MCLE, Boston, MA

October 3, 2015:

Emily Saltz will be speaking on “Community Care Options for Elderly Clients” at Mass Continuing Legal Education, Boston, MA
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