Meet Our Team: Lynn Miller

Lynn Miller MS, OTR/L

Please welcome our newest hire, Lynn Miller, MS, OTR/L! Already registered and licensed as an occupational therapist, Lynn is currently getting her care manager certification and becoming a member of Aging Life Care Association®.

 Welcome! Tell us about your role at LifeCare Advocates and a bit about what you bring to the position.

I’m a care manager for LifeCare Advocates. I assist clients and their families in managing the care of their loved one, guiding them through aging by providing recommendations and monitoring physical, cognitive, and emotional health.

As a licensed occupational therapist, I feel I bring a unique perspective to the assessment process as well as implementing care goals. Occupational therapists make modifications in a person’s environment or with the different activities themselves to help people be as independent as possible in their day-to-day lives. I bring that lens to the job and the people I get to work with.

What drew you to working in Aging Life Care management?

Well, this is my first time as a care manager. My past focus has always been being an occupational therapist, trained to assist individuals so they maintain their highest level of independence. The role is within the traditional healthcare system, which can be limiting.

But being a care manager will allow me to work with clients and families more fully and directly. I will be part of a bigger picture in helping a person’s entire well-being.  That’s meaningful.

What do you like about this team and work?

LifeCare Advocates has been very welcoming and assisted me greatly as I’ve transitioned into this new role. Right now, I have seven clients, but I anticipate more. Sandy [DeLuca, Director of Operations/Life Care Manager] is taking on more of a director role and will need more time in the office for administrative work.

I appreciate how our team works together to ensure every client and family have their needs met. And everyone is willing to help as needed. We support each other, so we work well as a team.

I’m also excited that LifeCare Advocates is looking to expand more into South Shore. I live in Plymouth, so that is my neighborhood, my backyard! We can expand and take more clients down here.

What do you do in your spare time?

 My spare time is basically my children. We have three kids, which means a lot of time at the hockey rink or the barn.

Read more about Lynn here.

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