Meet Our Team: Emma Fortin

Emma Fortin

Emma Fortin, LICSW, CMC, CDP, is our client liaison and a Life Care Manager. She loves listening to seniors, and values the flexibility with which we can serve them.

What’s your role at LifeCare Advocates?

After someone calls our office and talks to Cam (see “Meet Cam Luna”), I’m usually the next person they talk to. I listen to their story, learning a bit about their circumstances, and exploring whether we’re a good fit for them.

I have a clinical background as a care manager, so I help them understand what LifeCare Advocates does and how we can help them. If the client decides to hire us, we discuss among the leadership team which of the care managers would be the best fit for the new client.

What brought you to LifeCare Advocates?

I had moved to Boston to get my master’s in social work with a focus in older adults. After grad school I worked in a nursing home as the director of social services and for a nonprofit agency. Just by luck I came across LifeCare Advocates when Emily Saltz, the founder, was still active with the company.

What do you enjoy about your work?

I love the history, knowledge, and diversity that our client group brings. I enjoy supporting older adults as they navigate their lives. It’s a population that I feel is underserved, especially in the sense that they need to have someone just listen to them and answer their questions.

With care management, you have all kinds of flexibility in how you can support people. We’re not working for a healthcare organization that is driven by reimbursement through insurance, for example. There’s no regimented schedule or program limiting what we can do for our clients.

We can do everything from providing high-level support and direction down to helping a client buy themselves a good pair of shoes. Sometimes we’re almost a pseudo-family for those who don’t have local family or local support.

What do you think is important about Aging Life Care™ management?

Having a care manager really allows you to have one point person who will guide you – just as you need a primary care doctor or an attorney. We are sort of the gurus of exploring aging and what it means for each person individually. What are the costs of care? What are the options? How do we navigate living with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s? We also help people navigate difficult family situations. Care management is a valuable and important part of people’s care teams.

What do you do in your spare time?

My husband and I have two young children. We like to spend time together and go on outdoor adventures like hiking or going to the beach.

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