LifeCare Advocates Now Offers a Wearable Monitoring Device

Picture of the PacSana bracelet

Wearable technology is a fast-growing market for older adults and their families. And with good reason: Wearables can track numerous aspects of the wearer’s health and activities, giving both users and families real-time info. Now, LifeCare Advocates offers the PacSana system to its clients.

PacSana is a new remote monitoring wearable technology that measures movement and activity patterns in the home (wherever home may be). This allows the wearer to find out how they can make changes in their daily routines and/or family members to monitor the wearer’s well-being while allowing for maximum independence.

The PacSana system includes:

  • An unobtrusive silicone wristband (pictured at right)
  • The Gateway, which tracks the wristband in the home
  • A mobile app (iPhone and Android) and a desktop dashboard

“PacSana gives our clients an extra level of reassurance about their older loved one’s well-being,” says Kate Granigan, CEO of LifeCare Advocates. “Whether they live nearby or in another time zone, family members can view health status and receive alerts 24 hours a day.”

Once the system is set up, the PacSana Dashboard shows:

  • Sleep schedule
  • Exercise minutes
  • Gait speed trends
  • Temperature
  • The wearer’s location in the home
  • Time spent away from the home
  • Text alerts when there is a fall or unusual absence from the house
  • Weekly or monthly well-being report

In addition, users can set up alerts such as:

  • Fall detection
  • Alarm button activation
  • Night-time wandering
  • Bracelet off
  • Bedroom for 24 hours
  • Resting for over 12 hours
  • User down notification

The PacSana Bracelet has about a 9-month battery life and does not need to be charged. Once the battery runs out, LifeCare Advocates will deliver a new one.

Your care manager will confer with you about the info and data patterns that are gathered by the app. We’ll make recommendations to adjust the wearer’s activity level, sleep patterns and other factors contributing to their quality of life.

For more information about PacSana, please call our office at (617) 928-0200.