How Is Care Management Like Whitewater Rafting?

In May we and other Aging Life Care Managers® celebrate Aging Life Care Month. Sponsored by the Aging Life Care Association®, it’s a time to not just celebrate our profession, but also to raise awareness and educate people about the many ways we can help in the aging journey.

So many people think of aging as a journey they have to figure out on their own. What are the options for living and healthcare? What community resources could I take advantage of? How do I make my home safe for aging in place? How should I organize my finances and prepare my estate?

The wonderful answer is that you don’t have to do it alone! We as care managers can help you – to the extent and time that you need – make a plan and get your wishes organized. Our director of operations, Sandra DeLuca, LICSW, C-ASWCM, (also a care manager) compares our work to being a whitewater rafting guide:

“I have always liked to compare care management to being a whitewater rafting guide. I grew up rafting with my dad and his brothers, and they taught me so much about paying attention, thinking things through and having fun.

Sandra (far right) rafting the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho with friends.

“To get down a river safely it is best to do so with a guide. Someone who has experience navigating the right path down the river and who also has respect for the river and understands its way.

“When there is a big rapid coming up, we often get out to scout the best route. There are often a couple of options. One is a fun, adventurous ride, another may be a dangerous route with a poor outcome, and another may just be avoiding it all and playing it safe.

“This really relates to care management in that we help our clients choose a path, educate them about the options and what the outcomes may be, and then guide them in the right direction. (And we also help our clients still have fun!)”

Do you know where your “rafting” journey is taking you? You can’t control the river of time, but you can certainly plan for what might happen. We’d be honored to serve as your guide!

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